07/4/14 10:48 PM

Bacon Firefly theatreBacon. It has absolutely nothing to do with real estate, and yet it has been a major part of my marketing strategy and personal branding for several years now. I’ve got over a dozen bacon-themed t-shirts, 2 bacon ties, bacon shoes, a bacon belt, etc. I’ve even cofounded an annual bacon dinner with my friends Chef Paul Shufelt and Chef Andrew Cowan from LUX, and this year will be the 5th annual dinner. It’s a pretty amazing event, and I strongly recommend you attend.

Recently, one Graham Neil decided to hold a bacon event of his own, and he went big! BaconFestYEG was a great event, with some delicious food from several Edmonton restaurants, hotels and bakers, some oddball bacon comedy, and this high-flying act from Firefly Theatre. It was pretty excellent. Lisa was dressed as an egg, and the silks that held her were painted like bacon. Beautiful. Watch her here, with a bit of slow-motion for your high-flying and bacon-loving pleasure.

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CLICK TO DONATE NOW! After 3 years and 32 stops, I’m now pleased to announce Beards on Ice 4! The Isle of Shelter Tour! I’ll be adding another 10 skating events, and this time, I’m going international! While on vacation in Hawaii, I’ll be strapping on some inline skates and rollerblading

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Beards on Ice 2017 Last year, I toured Canada, covering 9 cities in 6 provinces, skating at each stop with friends and family. It was a lot of fun, and above all, we raised $11000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, and more specifically, violence prevention programs for teens! I’m

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