My Business Trip to Halifax

02/12/14 8:09 PM

Nova Scotia Tartan Shirt and Tie

Nova Scotia Tartan Shirt and Tie

I was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Small town, not known for much (well, except for inventing hockey). In grade 8, I moved to Lunenburg. Also not known for much (well, except for the Bluenose, on the back of every single dime in the country since 1937). I still have several siblings back home, as well as my parents (I’m the youngest of 8), so I like to get back from time-to-time to visit them. It helps when there’s a big awesome business event that I can attend as well to do some serious networking with my fellow Royal LePage REALTORS® and have a good time. I wanted to share some of my experiences with you here, because it was such a great time. Here’s what you’ll see in my 2 minute travel video:

Day 1 was in Calgary. I went for lunch with friends at Tubby Dog.
Token airplane bathroom selfie.
Took Mom to see my brother Stefan in Kentville.
Went yard saling with Mom.
Historical drive on the Evangeline Trail.
Saw my brother Terry at Acadia. He also has a white spot in his hair.
Visited the Wolfville Royal LePage office.
Ever seen a 5-way stop? I grew up on this street in Windsor.
252 Albert St, my first home. It’s under repair because it caught fire last year.
After I got my hometown nostalgia fix, I went back to Halifax for the conference.
We played Atlantic Monopoly.
My sister JJ and I wore matching shirts to the party Friday night.
Hospitality suites are a great place to make new friends and swap business cards.
I wasn’t the only one named Jerry in attendance.
On Saturday, I went for a walk along the wharf then for a quick bit to eat with a friend.
I wore my Nova Scotia tartan shirt, and JJ wore a matching belt.
There was dancing.
We got hungry.
so we went for a traditional Halifax donair.
On Sunday I went to the South Shore, where I used to live.
I got to see a lot of friends at church.
My Dad plays the organ.
I’m a little bit taller than he is.
Downtown Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This Church was built in the 1700s and burned to a crisp Hallowe’en night in 2001 by some moron. They rebuilt it.
This is my Mom with Aunt Jo, her sister.
Mahone Bay’s famous 3 churches.
My friend Sandra, who introduced me to my wife in grade 12.
Disco lobster. Only at the Halifax airport
Farewell to Nova Scotia, the sea-bound coast.
I spent the last day in Toronto to do some more networking.
Realtor road trip!
We went for lunch in Niagara Falls because you should never eat alone.
The Horseshoe Falls are so beautiful.
There was even a rainbow on the American side.
Trip’s over, time to get back to work and sell some real estate!


4 Responses to My Business Trip to Halifax

  1. Lila says:

    That was an awesome video of your trip!

    • zoomjer says:

      Thanks, Lila! I tried to cram in as much as I could, as I don’t get to visit very often. I hope to bring my entire family home soon to show my children how beautiful it is.

  2. Andrea says:

    Where did you get that Nova Scotian tartan shirt? My dad really, really wants one!

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