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07/27/11 10:53 PM

Am I the only one who is really amazed by the number of new places to eat that have popped up in Edmonton over the past year (or, at least I only learned about them since 2010)? And it’s not just the sheer volume, but the quality, as well. A few examples: Eva Sweet Waffles (truck), VSandwiches (Rice Howard Way & Whyte Ave), Delux Burger Bar WEM, Tres Carnales, Duchess Bake Shop (ok, closer to 2 years), Filistix, drift, Battista’s Calzone Company, and who have I missed?

drift truck

Anyway, about today’s lunch. I’ve been waiting for this strange new food truck thing to open up since I heard about it a few weeks ago while at Battista’s. In a way, being able to say I ate at drift on opening day is kind of like @mastermaq’s Twitter claim-to-fame, being one of the first 1000 users to sign up. Is it silly that I am proud to have ben one of the first? Who cares? I think it’s awesome.

Enough about how awesome I am. On to the food. I struggle with menus, which is why I prefer to eat off-menu. I seriously do get overwhelmed sometimes, especially when a truck offers more items than 3 items. You know how it is, huge lineups, hungry bellies, the high pressure of the sale… These guys offer what, in my opinion, is WAY too many items! I have no idea how they pull it off. And I’m not talking about things like hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, mushroom burger. No, no, no. They have things you would struggle to find at a classy restaurant.

drift menuRead this sandwich menu: jerk chicken, leek sausage (I have no idea what this consists of, but I’m very curious), roast beef, pork belly, chorizo, duck confit (thanks to @MandiRondeau for a taste of hers, it was awesome), back bacon (can you guess which one I got?), falafel, soppressata (I love tapenade, gotta try this one, too). And did you notice that their menus are on reused (I hate when people say recycled when it’s only reused) old postcards from 40-50 years ago? Here’s the front: and they are all different. Cool.

drift menu I actually think that it might be easier (and kind of more exciting) if they only offered 3 options each day (Battista’s only has 4 menu items, period). It would streamline their process, be easier for people like me to decide, and add to the excitement of the experience (as with Chef Cowan‘s #yegalleyburger, which is always changing). There would probably be less food waste, too.


drift food Here’s what you get for $12.50. Sandwich (they are all $7.50), fries ($3), and a water ($2).

More shots:

drift truck

drift truck

Thank you Nevin & Kara! I’ll be back (bacon)! Follow them at @driftfoodtruck.



7 Responses to There’s a new Truck in Town | Drift Mobile Eatery

  1. Mandi says:

    Don’t forget Niche and Elm… I did enjoy the Drift Sandwiches today as well and I will definitely eat there again!

    • zoomjer says:

      But of course! I knew I was forgetting a whole bunch! And I’m going back today for a duck sandwich. Or that leek one. Or the one that I’ve never even heard of…

  2. Mandi says:

    Oh and also Queen of Tarts. Mrkt is pretty good as well.

  3. Ruth Kelly says:

    Jerry – if you haven’t tried Queen of Tarts version of a Viet sub, you absolutely must. The freshly baked roll elevated a very good sandwich to sublime.
    And Press’d is great in both of its locations

    • zoomjer says:

      I had no idea they had a Vietnamese sandwich. Must try! I’ve enjoyed a few of their sweets, but find them quite inflated as far as price goes. Duchess is still my number one.

  4. You missed us on your “new” places list. Albeit we’re not a resto but you can get lots of good eats here! We opened up 9mth ago today! You should check us out sometime and would love to meet you! (but not next week b/c we’ll be closed for vacation!)

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