Bacon Boy in The Edmonton Journal

02/24/11 2:54 PM

A year ago today, I was on my way to to Wendy’s for Baconators with some friends. But it was a special day (my birthday), so I promised to wear my bacon uniform. I received a phone call from Marta Gold at the Edmonton Journal, informing me of a LifeStyles spread all about bacon. My first reaction was to laugh at her. Then, I told her to send a photographer. This she did, and I made top shelf on the front page!

My burger was a gift from Alex Lee, who ordered a triple Baconator, minus the beef patties, plus 20 extra orders of bacon. See below for the receipt and other photos. FYI, I did not eat the burger. I actually took it home and froze the bacon. It lasted a long time (shocking, I know).


While not obvious, I’m reaching for my wallet.

Triple Baconators are for babies. We’re talking 6 inches of bacon, people.

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  1. Eva says:

    EWwwww… I think my arteries clogged up just looking at all the bacon on that burger…

    I’m relieved to hear you didn’t actually eat that thing in one sitting.

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