First Tweetup for Shelter

01/24/11 9:56 AM

When I first heard Sandra Diaz, the Executive Director of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, speak in person about the work the Shelter does, I was intrigued. I wrote down a goal right away to raise $3000 for the Foundation using social media, and that’s what started my addiction to fundraising. My first tweetup was called #twilightYEG, because I thought it should have a “tw” name like Twitter, and not because of the books/movies that were just coming out. Talk about bad timing. I’ve since renamed them #yeghelp.

Taken from Leading Edge Online.

2 Responses to First Tweetup for Shelter

  1. Mike W says:

    Keep up the great work Jerry! The new Shelter Foundation Director started today and I am sure you are excited to meet her!

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