Edmonton SUN | Postal Service Returns

07/15/11 1:07 PM

Edmonton SUN Postal Service Returns

For a couple weeks, we didn’t get any mail. It was a postal workers strike turned lockout that involved some Parliamentary filibustering and ended around June 26th when this article was posted. I was called by @SUNJeffCummings to see how it affected me as a REALTOR®. To be honest, it wasn’t that bad. I had to make a couple extra trips to pick up cheques, but I think there were other businesses that suffered a lot more than mine did.

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The best part of this article was the comments section. Man, there are some real haters out there!


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  1. Rob Davy says:

    I basically agree with the 2nd comment, because he’s not really saying bad things about realtors (I refuse to capitalize that 😉 ), more about why the writer decided to imply that realtors are having a hard time with the strike. That I can understand. Realtors, by the nature of their work, spend a lot of time driving around and have relatively flexible schedules, so they can find time to drive somewhere to get a cheque or what not, where as someone who works in an office 8 hours a day can’t do that. That makes sense.

    Now, whether realtors make ‘criminal’ commisions, that’s open to interpretation. There’s lots of commision based jobs that seem obscene.

    I’d actually be curious to know if there’s ever been a study done on how many hours the average sale actually takes (eg, if a realtor ever did what a lawyer has to do, and record every minute of work done for each client). Any ideas?

    • zoomjer says:

      Which is why my comments in the article were anything but “poor me, having to drive around a little more to get paid.”
      I’ve never really taken the time to calculate average hours put into a sale. Supposing I were to do that, it would not take into account the time that goes into finding the darn clients to begin with. That is often the more taxing end of the business.


      • Rob Davy says:

        And I think that’s the reason some people think realtors make obscene commisions; the actual hours on their sale aren’t a lot relative to the fee ($15,000 for say 50 hours work is $300/hr, which is lawyer money). But they don’t factor in the other 100s of hours put into finding clients in the first place. Overhead costs I guess.

        That, and some realtors aren’t very smart and don’t run their business professionally (more a problem with the stereotypical US agent), so give the rest of the industry a bad name.

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